I love the adventure of discovering new uses for old things, turning forgotten collectibles into beautiful pieces of jewelry. I transform vintage silverplated forks and spoons – as well as vintage finds like thimbles and belt buckles – into pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Old broken china dishes find new life after I carefully cut and shape them, and set them into sterling silver.

I've collected gems and minerals almost all my life. I love finding unusual mineral cabochons, gems, and beads – as well as the occasional fossil or meteorite – to take to my jeweler’s bench and turn into wearable art. 

I like to think that all my pieces have stories to tell, whether it’s a pendant made from a fossil, or English Chintz china earrings – or glass earrings that used to be a chipped Fenton Glass vase. Wear something that was something!


I’ve been making and selling my art to people since I was a teenager. Back then, my workshop was in my bedroom, using an old sink cabinet left over from my parents’ kitchen remodel. I made doll house furniture, Christmas ornaments, stained glass windows, and painted landscapes on Mateus bottles and large rocks. (Don’t judge me about the Mateus bottles… it was the seventies, LOL.)

When my son was little I turned to sewing, producing muslin bunnies, Christmas stockings and potpourri pillows. I also assembed and painted model kits for several local comic shops.

Then I discovered Fire. Armed with my torch, I began making jewelry! I started with unique mineral cabochons and then tried setting broken china and glass. Another form of Fire came with my kiln, and now I’m playing with fused glass and enamel.

Who knows what I’ll be making next? *grins*