Do you make all the jewelry yourself?

Yes! Everything you see in my store was made by me. Obviously, I didn’t make the original vintage pieces, but I did all the work to make it into a piece of jewelry. All of the fused and lampwork glass is made entirely in my studio!

Where do you find all these cool things?

I am addicted to flea markets, yard sales, gem/mineral shows, and antique shops. I love walking up and down the aisles, looking for things to turn into jewelry. Sometimes I’ll take a day off from work and spend the day at a local auction. Auctions are crazy and a lot of fun!

I am also addicted to eBay, and have saved searches for my favorite kinds of vintage items. I can receive up to 20 eBay emails each day!

Are all the vintage/upcycled items real?

Absolutely. Every upcycled piece started out as a real, vintage item, and has not been cast or reproduced. To me, the fun of wearing upcycled jewelry is that you are wearing something that had another life!

I have a vintage <insert cool thing here> that belonged to my <insert relative here>. Can you make it into jewelry for me?

I'm sorry, I'm not doing custom orders at this time.

I have a whole bunch of flatware/china/etc – can I sell it to you?

Sorry, but no thank you. Over the years I have figured out what works best for me regarding flatware, china, and other materials, so I prefer to find things on my own.